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Damon salvatore bio

damon salvatore bio

Read Bio from the story Damon Salvatore by StefanxxDamon with I'm Damon Salvatore I'm an age that you don't need to know. Damon Salvatore is the older brother of Stefan Salvatore and a distant relative of Zach Salvatore. He was born in the s and lived in the colonial town of. Name: Damon Salvatore. Nickname: None. Birthday: Some time during the 15th century. Eyes: Black. Hair: Black, straight. Gender: Male. Species: Vampire. damon salvatore bio He recruits Elena and heads back to her home, where they find Stefanwho had just got out of a fight with Katherine. He also watches Mason and Tyler arm-wrestling, where he volunteers Stefan to go up against Mason. Bio 4 Damon lived in New York City during the 70's, where he maintained a wild life full of parties and feeding off of people. Sie findet den Virus in einer Spritze und spritzt ihn sich selbst was man erst ein wenig später herausfindet ehe sie sich ins Salvatore-Haus all slots casino no download. Views Read Edit View history.

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He remembers this as he fights Alaric and seems accepting of his death when Alaric, whose life line is tied to Elena's, suddenly collapses in his arms. It was then that she revealed to him that Katherine had never been in the tomb. Damon turns Bonnie's mother in to a vampire in order to break the witch bond with Esther. Later, he finds her on Wickery Bridge , and somehow she sees that he's really there. Elena ist der Grund, warum sich sein Charakter sehr verändert, da er echte Gefühle für sie empfindet. The last shot of the season finale episode shows Elena in transition. Changing the subject, Stefan asks sensitively if Damon knows where Elena is, assuming that Damon had sent her away after they returned from New Orleans.


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